Terminal automation software

Terminal automation software

Terminal automation system (TAS) manages product movements, measuring, monitoring  and inventory for any size terminal & bulk plant by volume or mass for asphaly, Chemicals, Crude oil, LNG, LPG & Refined products. The main business & operation process that TAS manage are: access into the terminal of people and vehicles, product receipts and disposals from marine, pipeline, rail or road tanker, intra-tank farm activities (tank-to-tank transfers, in-tank reconsignments), loading and unloading orders to road tanker or rail, multi-level, multi vendor and multi customer inventory accounting

Gas & Liquid Analisys

The gas quality measurements is performed by a gas chromatographs. Tipical output are: wobbe or calorific value meters, hydrogen sulphide, total sulphur, water and hydrocarbon dew point analysers.The typical required oil measurement are: water, sand and salt content, density, viscosity and hydrogen suphide.

Flow computer & supervisory system

A metering system oneeds to be integrated into a management system. It also needs logic and control operations to ensure correct operation, accurate metering, safety and reliability. Every metering system whether for crude oil, natural gas, condensate or refined product will require the use of flow computers. The flow computers compute various important analytical and fiscal information utilising information gathered from the transducers and instrumentation installed in and around the Flow Metering skid. The metering supervisory system is an industrial control system, comprising of a computer server, operator station, PLC and other ancillary equipment. This monitors and controls the metering system and provides electronic metering data for accounting use.

Pre heating control panel

It can be mabe on traditional cotactor or SCR continuos control or mix. It includes safety control for bundle element temperature in combination of flow switch to grant to optimal safety design. It can either for indorr or outdoor installation including Explosion proff design

Control panel

Regardless of the type of system a control panel is very likelly required. It can be operated locally or remote or both. Can be istalled outdorr or indorr or can be supplied along with a conditioned container when the control room is not available or it is too far. The control panel comprises tipically of: lamp and pushbuttoms, PC or PLC, SCADA, UPS and all field I/O intercafes.